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Hi Joan …
Meant to let you know before we left to go up to Hiawassee … I got the map … it was great!!  Many thanks,  Juli T.

I look forward to receiving the new map.  It is a replacement for my 1995 edition of the Info-Map.  You should see it- it is torn, tattered and scribbled on with notes on many of our favorite places to visit.  Your fun little map has guiding many an enjoyable N GA trip for me and my family.  Your map feels like it must have started as a 'labor of love' project for you.  I thought I would pass on that it has taken on the same meaning for our family!
Best, Jay Smith

The map did arrive - we made good use of it yesterday, gold and gem hunting in Cleveland. We had a blast, and never would have found the place without the map! Thanks a bunch!!!

Just wanted to thank you for the map. We attended Road Atlanta and then headed to our cabin at Vogel State Park. I think we road every single road on your map. Unfortunately, we also were very glad to have the hospital in Blairsville marked. A friend's friend came up Thursday and is now able to tell us about hospital food. He will be okay, just will take time.
I can't remember if it is marked, but I loved the trout farm fishing.
Susan Sproc

This is the best map I've ever seen for this area and all the information is great, Thanks for everything and all the hard work you put into it. Will be using it for years to come. Also love your Web Site....
Bob from New York

Just wanted to tell you that your map is a big hit with my MC (Red knights MC GA-18) The guys with the off-road bikes are especially impressed.  Your Forest Service roads coverage is exceptional.  Keep up the good work. J.R.

(Yes you may post my comments on your website---hopefully others will enjoy your directions to waterfalls off of the beaten path.  Your map made our trip!!!)  We have already received the map--wow, very fast service:)  We ordered your map last year & thoroughly enjoyed your directions to several waterfalls.  We only had 4 days in the mountains but we did hike to 4 different waterfalls.  They were awesome!!!!!!  We are headed back to see the fall foliage next week but could not locate our map.  I am afraid we left it in the rental car: (I was glad to see your map was still available.  Thank you very much for this service you provide:)  Can't wait to experience the crisp autumn air, gorgeous fall foliage and beautiful waterfalls.   Thank you again!!!  Linda Williams  

I must say, your map is great. In these times of our lives, money……gas, miles from here to there.  Every little bit helps, and your map saved us a lot of time yesterday on the way home…  We were up in the deep hole area, and took a forest road home to Dawsonville, ………..  Thank you very much,        Jenny and Joe

Love your north Georgia info-map. Bought it a few months ago, used it for a 4 day motorcycle excursion using Helen as our base camp. Couldn't have seen as much without your map. Great job, recommend it highly.
Thanks, Andy Holloman, Savannah, Ga

Got my map yesterday, it's better than I expected!! Thank you for quick delivery of a very unique item, I can tell you've put a lot of effort into it. Would be good for off-roaders too as Forest Service roads are also well-mapped on it.
Sincerely, Don Smith

Thanks so much, got the map and it made our riding vacation. We found the perfect "loop" to do every day and went to "The Dragon" last Wednesday. Awesome map.
Jason Caldwell
** Editors Note: The Dragon (not in Georgia) is not shown on the Info-Map.

I received the INFO-MAP and see that it is all that was claimed to be and will always be in my saddle bag when I ride. You've put out a really great product which most riders will find very helpful, especially if they've never ridden in the North GA area you have covered in your map.
Jerrold "Boog" Brooks, member of

Hi Joan.  Used the map for the first time this weekend, and was I ever glad I did!  The atlas just sat in the saddlebag, as it was about useless.  The Info-Map was very helpful since I had never been in the area.  I showed it to a couple of other riders (they were a bit older than me) and one comment was "That's great!  I can even read it without my glasses!"  Keep up the good work.
Matthew Thompson, COG# 4714

We used your map last year while cruising your area and found it very helpful. More helpful than the state map when looking for bike stuff. Keep up the good work .
Tom and Shell Turner, Huntsville, AL

I purchased your map last year about this same time, and used it on a stay at TWO. What an improvement over using a state map!!!  Your map helped me to ride the area as if I were a local.  One addition that I might suggest, is to include a list of approximate riding times for each road ( or at least some of the more popular routes).  I only get to ride your area once maybe twice a year, and try to fit in as much road as I can in a day.  Several times, I've ended up biting off more than I could chew.  Scaling a map in the mountains is much different from measuring scale in the flatlands.  What looks like a 20 mile run can easily take an hour to ride.  Just a suggestion.  The information that you do have is much appreciated and very helpful.

Best money I spent on the whole trip, Tony Ragusa, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Thought I would send a post trip comment.
I put your info map up on my new tank bag,  and led 4 bikes through the Georgia Mountains like I was a local tour guide.  I didn't let any of them know it, but 90% were roads I had never been on.  Even dinner popped up just about when I expected it.  Your map made me look like I had really done my research.
Thanks again, Tony Ragusa

Hey Joan,
Thanks for taking the time to put together a VERY USEABLE map of North Georgia.  The "Official Georgia State Highway Map" is virtually useless to find your way around on anything but the big main highways and Interstates. What looks like a "main road" (i.e. paved) on the "Official Georgia Highway Map" may very well end up being a gravel road!!!!  Your "Backroads Map"  is a very necessary accessory for riding in North Georgia.  And again,
THANKS!!!!  johnny pancake, 97 1500 Classic VROC #803, Marietta, Georgia

Great page ,,,, we will be using your info.
Meg and Matt

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